Should New Camera Be in Sealed Box?

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Susan, why does it matter?

For those of you who demand a sealed box, just be aware that boxes are very easy to reseal. Every retail store I have ever seen has some sort of shrink wrap device in the back room expressly for that purpose.

Here are the important questions for you to consider:

  • Is the camera working properly?
  • Does it have a full manufacturer's warranty?
  • Is the manufacturer known for honoring their warranties?
  • Does the vendor have a good reputation for customer service?

This sealed box fetish has gotten so bad, and so costly for the manufacturers, retailers and even the customers, that most manufacturers stopped sealing boxes. If they are never sealed, then we just wouldn't be having this discussion.

While most people are honest and ethical there are just too many examples of people who buy multiple cameras to "try them all out" then return the ones they decided not to keep. This now becomes a problem because many people refuse to buy anything that was touched by human hands before they got them. Ironically, sometimes the same people belong to both groups.

The "try before you buy" people add enormous cost for everyone else. And that cost must be added into the wholesale price if the manufacturer wants to stay in business.

This practice has exactly the same effect as shoplifting. Everyone pays a little more because some people insist on abusing the system.

Naturally, if something is really defective then it should be returned and replaced, or a full refund given. No one would dispute that. But there is ample evidence right here on these forums that many people who are buying one camera will order three or four and try them all out, thus creating a problem for everyone else.

For the folks who have the "I want it untouched by anyone else" fetish, please ask yourself...

  • Do you refuse to buy shoes that were tried on by someone else?
  • Do you refuse to buy a house that was previously owned?
  • Do you refuse to buy a car that was tested at the factory and has 4 miles on it?
  • Are you absolutely certain your wife never kissed anyone else before you married her?

Just remember... these are just cameras. Not vital medical devices that must be sterile. Wait, come to think of it, that endoscope that was used on you when you had your last colonoscopy was probably used on hundreds of other people before you.

Food for thought....

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