Cloud storage - advice please

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Re: Cloud storage - advice please

I stopped using online (so called cloud) storage due to the upload times and cost. Expanding on the issue of cost, a free or really cheap online storage solution is a risk as to a company's non-sustainable business model - if they're not generating revenue, how can they sustain their business? Free or really cheap sounds nice... until they fold and you loose everything, so much for backup.

I chose a service that was fee-based, one that I believed had a sustainable business model, but I wasn't satisfied with the upload times, and the costs were still somewhat high relative to other options.


I use an internal HDD for backup, with automatic nightly backup runs. The software is designed for backups and doesn't simply overwrite files that have changed, it keeps what are called "generations" - it'll keep as many user defined file versions with edits as you tell it to, based on the file's date & time. Nice not only for photos.

I also use an external HDD, actually 2, that I rotate monthly and store away from the PC.

So I have the files on the primary drive, backed up internally nightly, and external drives that I rotate.

The security with this is high, and the cost is low. A consideration is to keep the external drive somewhere different from the computer.

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