Color Space- Adobe RGB or sRGB

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Re: Color Space- Adobe RGB or sRGB

Questions (Based on NX2):

1. Camera Setting: I learned, Adobe RGB will give rise to wider range of colour, therefore it is suggested to set the camera to shoot at Adobe RGB, but for RAW shooting, there is no difference between whatever color space you set, right?

Correct, the only difference is that the camera records your preference about the prefered color space, but the raw data is the same and you can switch from one preference to another during raw conversion: the result won't be impacted by the camera sretting.

In Photoshop:

Edit > Convert to profile (4th line from the end of the pull odwn menu)

Relative colorimetric means the colors will be re-mapped if needed to prevent out ot gamut colors.All colros will change if there are out of gamut colors in the image.

Absolute colorimetric means the colors within gamut are unaffected. The out of gamut colors are "clipped " that is changed to the closest in-gamut color. This operation can eliminate details in out of gamut areas as they may all end up being mapped to the same color. Beware of greens (and cyans to a lesser degree) when going from Adobe RGB to sRGB. Use Ctrl-X (undo) repeatedly to evaluate the before / after differences.

2. Web-Publication: What is your typical work flow to convert to web-publishable files (I heard sRGB are typically used)? Do you re-touch your RAW, and then converted to "sRGB" JPG? where can you choose the "Convert" "sRGB" function?

Either way. Note that you need a monitor which supports adobe RGB to evaluate the diference.

3. Print out: What is your typical work flow to convert to Printable files? I heard sRGB are typically used for normal 4x6 print? How about for professional print to let's say poster size, still sRGb or Adobe RGB? Do you re-touch your RAW, and then converted to "sRGB" JPG? or TIFF?

The choice of color space should be dictated by the printer gamut and not the print size. Create or use a "canned" profile, proof read the image by converstion to the output space..

4. Which sRGB: Nikon sRGB.   or sRGB-ICE61966-2.1.  or any others...

Never checked whether there is actually a difference but the standard is sRGB-ICE61966-2.1

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