Sharing some photos: why I love my x-pro 1 in low light

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Re: Sharing some photos: why I love my x-pro 1 in low light

Olly Wright wrote:

Austin101 wrote:

The first two look to be front focused just a touch, my favorite is the person in the boat, at normal viewing distance it looks the sharpest and most detailed with a nice punch but when you zoom in its quite blurred which just goes to show that you shouldn't pixel-peep

They are indeed. The AF system is the trickiest thing with night shots. Drives me a bit crazy sometimes, although over time I'm getting used to it. At the same time I'm not obsessed with having 'perfect' focus for my shots unless it's a shot that really needs it. As long as the focus is leading your eye around the frame as intended then it's doing its main job. But yes, it's the biggest problem I have by far when shooting.

I am very curious to see what Fuji manage to do with the hybrid viewfinder and focussing with the x-pro 2. Better focus control and indication of precise focus points in optical view and I'd be ecstatic, or a significantly improved manual focus - I've not tried the x100s yet. I like the hybrid mode focussing that Fuji encourages ... AF to get close then tweak manually. I just find the ergonomics clunky to do fast enough at the moment. If they can speed that up to enable good MF adjustment in a second or so then I'd upgrade right away.

I like the AF system on the X cameras, although it can feel slow at times when it locks focus it's usually 100% bang on, I no long have either an X body but I've held on to my 18 and 35 lenses ready for then next generation

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