Looking forward to the impact the android-camera from Samsung may have...

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Re: It's not that easy

I agree: it is not that easy. Also totally agree on the buttons. But: Allthough I am not a coder, I would think that using an operating system like android, might make it easier to develop an app to handle the camera. If I understand correctly, with android, handling the usual "camera-stuff" like aperture, shutter-time, function of the buttons etc, becomes an app. In the past there were some open-source projects to replace the manufacturers firmware (I think it is called "magic-lantern" - mostly for canikon). But these projects had the problem that they needed to reverse-engineer a lot of stuff. They had to de-code the original, find out how to adress the buttons and hardware components etc. They still might have to do this, but I suppose this might become easier, because of the operating-system which restricts and standardizes these aspects. Most importantly: There is money in it and the operating-system makes it less of a hassle to install third-party software to handle the camera. I would definitley pay 50 bucks for a good app for my OMD which improves menus or other aspects. Furthermore: I dont even need Olympus' algorythm anymore for jpg, because these days I tend to shoot raw. And: If it were android, there would be no harm to have another software on the camera, because if I would need apsects of the original, like art-filters or other fancy stuff, I could just switch the app.

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