light reverse engineering

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Re: light reverse engineering

You have too many lights.  There are likely 3 lights, maybe 4.  Main light is centered above face, probably a medium-ish box.  Then either a reflector or active fill below.  There is a very mild hair light, and a background light.  Fairly straight forward setup.

b4cktr4ck wrote:


I'd like to take a photo with a similar result

what I can see:

One light camera left high (shadow of the collar left side of model)

One light (beauty dish?) front of model?

One light camera right? (shadow from shirt model right and from face on collar model right)

One light for the hair camera right behind model?

One light on the background

What I like is that on both sides of the model's face there is a bit of shadow, how is this achieved?

I like the position of the head where the right side of the model is in axis with the camera and hides the ear

What I have: 3 lights (Yongnuo flashes) , 2 white shoot thru umbrellas, 1 silver reflective umbrella, 1 softbox, 1 black/white background panel

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