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Re: Now in Designer Colors....

Al Valentino wrote:

The M will come in 3 designer colors, Black, Silver and Brown. When companies need to resort to color bodies to make the product sexier and sell... (you fill in the rest).

So what is your point exactly?

As far as I understand, the new Fuji will be offered in silver and black, plus the new colour that was already used in the compact (XF-1 or so). It is not by accident that a majority of reviewers and clients have been praising the Fuji X line for it's beautiful design in a market where utilitarian/ industrial design reigned for many years, with only very few exceptions (like Leica). The X- line cameras look very good in every colour offered, it does not have to be made sexier, it is just a third option.

If you do not like brown, just choose black or silver. But as far as I understand, you do not like the X- line alltogether, So why are you still here? Don't waste your time except if critisizing something is your main pleasure.


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