Has anyone here tried the Tamron 200-500mm f/5-6,3 super tele?

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Re: Has anyone here tried the Tamron 200-500mm f/5-6,3 super tele?

I have the Tamron 200-500 and use it with a D7000. At first I was disappointed with the lens, but gradually I learned that 1) like Kris in CT, it gives best results for subjects within about 50 yards, and 2) I needed a better support. I can't hand hold a lens that long, and always use a tripod, but that wasn't enough. A tripod/head setup that works well for shorter lenses and has the weight-carrying capacity for the longer lens may not be a satisfactory setup for a long lens.  I was using a Manfrotto tripod (perfectly adequate) with a Manfrotto 496 ball head that was inadequate for a 400 or 500 mm lens. The head has sufficient weight carrying ability, but the quick disconnect plate was about 1.5" square, too small to provide a vibration-free platform for a long lens. I moved to the Manfrotto 054 head with the Q5 plate. That plate is about 2" wide and about 3.5" long, which give a much more stable platform for long lenses. My image sharpness improved dramatically.

As others have said, the lens is very light for its 500 mm length, so if you have good hand-holding technique, you may find it won't necessarily require a tripod for you. It gets noticeably softer for subjects over 50 yards away, but I understand this is common among long zooms.  My 80-400 VR does the same thing.

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