Organizing your photos - software used, best methods and categories

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Re: Organizing your photos - software used, best methods and categories

A lot of your issues would be solved with Lightroom. Categorizing (use keyword tags and/or other metadata tags). Edited images? If you edit them within LR itself, you don't save them. The non-destructive edit informatoin is just saved in the database (and in or with the file if you so specify). If you edit outside (e.g., Photoshop), you can "stack" them with the original and it gets a new name based on the old name.

I name all of my images by a date/time format. No thinking involved and they sort properly. When I export from Lightroom, I name them by the "title" (or "caption", whichever you prefer to use as the primary name) so I know what they are by looking at them. I only export files I'm going to show, upload, or print.

I keep a directory structure that works for me. It's not required for Lightroom because you can find image by other means, but I prefer to work that way. Mine is a mixed system but that's personal and I don't necessarily recommend it for other people. For trips, I make a directory structure under the country and sometimes the state for that entire trip. For when I'm home I have directories named by the season. I have ubdirectories for organizational pictures I take that are not really my personal pictures (art leagues, etc).

If you are going to use a keyword structure, it's best to think through your structure before you start.  Photoshop supports keyword hierarchy.  I also use other metadata fields, actually more than keywords, title, the location fields, and a few others I've taken over for my own purposes.

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