Another RX100 Sensor Dust example

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Re: RX100 Sensor Dust [FIXED!]

lenshoarder wrote:

This thread inspired me to check mine. The outside of my RX100 has been well doused in lint. Linty pockets afterall. The sensor though seems to be as clean as a whistle. Nothing at all. I have a MiC. Wouldn't it be ironic if the MiJ did have the dust problem and the MiCs don't. There have been so many threads with people repeatedly sending back MiC RX100s until they got a MiJ due to the perception of better quality.

Absolutely Ironic. Don't want anyone to have this problem, including Sony to have to deal with it, but, part of me wants the MIC to be defect free to erode prejudice. All it might be is one worker who works a shift in an asbestos factory before coming to work assembling lenses. (insert smiley here) In any case, shake the lint out of your pockets.


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