How to rescue this old baby?

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Re: How to rescue this old baby?

PhotonTrapper wrote:

Hi Mikes, thanks for the suggestion!. I don't know about Topaze denoise but I have Neat Image noise reduction plugin. It does not help at all (it's not a "clean" well behaved electronic noise, many spots come from damaged pigment layers and would confuse a denoise algorythm). I visited Topaze web site. Their plugin does not go back earlier than CS4 anyway (I have PS-7).

I am really looking for advices on how to proceed, rather than have that particular scan salvaged, since I have many scans with that same problem. I understand that having the original can help figuring out a way to proceed though. So I am ready to post a file but the original tif is 28 Mp/80 Mb. Probably too big to post here (I tried, I had to interrupt, it was taking for ever). What's the best way? Reduced size? To what? Reformat to JPG? In my gallery, I can only upload jpgs, and less than 20 Mb per file.

You can post it using dropbox.

The point is, with such a damaged image, the entire file would have a better shot at fixing.

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