K-01 first impressions:

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Re: K-01 first impressions:

veroman wrote:

. IQ is up there with the best of them. It produces some of the best image quality of any camera I've worked with so far, and that's a lot of cameras! It beats my old workhorse, the Canon 1Ds Mark II, and as far as my experience tells me, has no equal in the compact camera realm. I have yet to find its IQ Achilles Heel (but give me time). This is one of the few digital cameras that appears to be totally artifact free.

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Another comment on IQ.  I would say it is equal to my Sigma DP2X which is very sharp.  Believe this is a combo of the Foveon processor and the super sharp 24.2 mm lens (41mm equivalent).  Probably more the lens.

But the K-01 has a big advantage being a ILC

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