A Moral Question

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Re: A Moral Question

There is no boundary, you are free to do as much shooting as you want and charge or not charge for it.

It is true that many pros now suffer as others will shoot for nearly nothing or free, and you can't do that if you want to make a living off it, but in the end you get the jobs when you persuade people that you are worth paying for. Its the job of the pro to convince in whatever manner, and that is getting harder, but there is no 'right' for a pro to do photography jobs.

So the demands are getting much higher: work must be visibly superior, and who likes to spend time arguing with clients who really don't know the business why you should get the gig and not their cousin who will do it for free and has a nice camera. But this is the real world, you make it work or you don't, complaining about this new reality doesn't make the slightest bit of difference.

Sure, you hiring nice kit to do a free gig is a great example of something pros won't be doing any times soon (unless its a real breakthrough for exposure and marketing), but just because you had the right kit didn't mean your photos would be better than hers. From your perspective, if you want to get into photography at a higher level then you are doing everything right. I didn't charge for my first few gigs with friends, and they were vital for my development, and by the time I had done them I was far happier to charge a bit for the next few, and it can move on very quickly if you find a market that wants your product and is prepared to pay well for it.

Ultimately for the pro its about how well you shoot, and about how well you persuade people to pay you good money for how you shoot (there are no rules, you get what you negotiate), and the more differentiated, well known, and market targeted they are, the easier it is to comfortably not have to stress about people doing free gigs.

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