X-E1 in Corfu, Greece

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Re: X-E1 in Corfu, Greece

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

I was about to make the same comment. Nice shots but a bit overexposed and lacking a bit of colour depth and saturation because of that. If a shot is slightly overexposed it will weaken the colour.

With processing the ideal processing looks like you have done nothing. Your rework looks processed to my eye. My golden rule of Photoshopping etc is to be like a Ninja - you were never there! So subtlety is the key. I have done thousands of hours of Photoshopping and my processing over the years followed that basic theme. At first I my images were way overprocessed and eventually I made sure my processing was discreet and hopefully unnoticeable.

The other rule I follow with imaging and processing is good data needs the minimum of processing. Bad data needs a lot and usually never turns out that great. So then the focus of your photography should be on the Basics - exposure, aperture, focus, shutter speed to get a well exposed, sharp image with low noise. Then either no post processing or minimal results in a much better image.

Processing is never a substitue for basics well applied.

In your image here a simple pull the curves down in the middle a bit or perhaps even S shaped curve will help. If they were shot in RAW you can pull down the exposure slider and up the contrast and saturation sliders.

In Photoshop, a duplicate layer set to "soft light" and reduce the opacity slider to suit will increase contrast nicely.

Of course there is also the contrast/brightness slider. Uusally you need to reduce brightness a tad to match increases in contrast. As above - gently does it. The usual error of someone learning processing of images is to whack the image too hard with the various tools and it looks very artificial and digital and lacking reailty.

On XE1/X100s I find Velvia film simualtion is great for landscapes. Rich in colour and it emulates the lovely colours you get from a Zeiss lens. Noise reduction to -2, sharpness perhaps +1. X100s images I notice take more sharpening than XE1. XE1 I'd be careful with sharpening. Either no sharpening or +1. It does not seem to take sharpening well - especially foliage type photos.

I hope this helps.



Thanks for your well thought-out response. I appreciate it!

I went back to examine the OOC JPEG and realized that the shot was significantly underexposed. Here it is in the LR window:

Underexposed by at least a full Ev - a goog chunk of the histogram window is missing. So, this looks like a textbook case on  how not to take a shot...every rule in your book has been broken.

Camera settings: ISO=200,18mm,f/11,1/350,Ev=-2/3!!! - should have payed attention - I know this is what the control is for! Other camera settings: Provia, NR=-2, Sharp=+1, Color=0, Shadow=-1, High=-2 (I will have to reconsider the last 2).

That is the problem with the cruise shots - everything done in a hurry - have to discipline myself. Since the shot could not be repeated - had to salvage it, and this is why it has the processed look. The shot below is an LR re-creation (approximately) of the shot in the album:

LR: Exp=+0.51, Right=+26, Contrast=+10, Fill=+13, Blacks=+3, Clarity=+38, Vibrance=+8, Sat=+3

And the next one is an effort to improve depth and saturation using curves:

added curves to LR adjustments

Looks a little "overcooked" to me; here is a JPEG of the same image for better clarity:

And, finally, the OOC JPEG image:


Greg, I know this is not a forum for lessons in basics, but if you have the time and inclination would love to see your version of picture repair...
I do have the RAW file but will leave this as an exercise for another day...

Thanks again,



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