Modern photography: "an incredible surge in mediocrity"

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Re: Modern photography: "an incredible surge in mediocrity"

ptox wrote:

Ian Brown in The Globe and Mail:

"If my recent experience as a judge in an international photography competition is any evidence, our jones for digital photography is – with rare exceptions – a form of neurotic masturbation, fuelled by an unstoppable sense of technological entitlement."

"This spring, I was an adjudicator of the 2013 Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival photography competition. This week, my three fellow judges – all professional photographers and curators – and I announced that we couldn’t find a winner, and won’t be awarding a prize for the first time in 18 years. There isn’t even a runner-up."

No doubt the army of pixel peepers and brand loyalists here can tell us why he's so very, very wrong.


True !

In the days of film, very few images were made and much less viewed, and most of the viewed images were of family (other than magazines), and they were always printed and of course some were slides. But the point is, the general public could not view them, like they do now. Additionally, very few images in film were good from any given roll, due to lack of instant viewability.

With the advance of technolocy, the internet, compact cameras, dsl cameras, smartphone camera and the social networking sites, we now have in facebook, which owns instagram, an approximate upload of 2 million images per day, or an astounding 6 billion images per month. It should be noted that this amazing amount of pictures are viewed on computers, cell phones, tablets and not viewed generally in the printed medium like the days of old.

Statistically, in any population sample, 5 % are excellant, 90 % are average, 5 % are horrible. Thus 5.4 billion images are average or let us call it mediocre. On the other hand 300 million images per month, must be excellant using the same statistical model.

One must be mindful also, that most posting images on facebook, could care less about the finer points of photography, and are mostly posting snapshots of a story kind of variety, and in this regard, a posted picture is better than no picture at all.


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