What is the best non-Adobe photo processing software for Apple?

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Re: Why on earth replace CS6?

graybalanced wrote:

MikeFromMesa wrote:

PhotoShop stops updating ACR for a specific version of PhotoShop when the next release comes out. I have not had an ACR update for CS5 in a long time and ACR updates for CS6 do not work for CS5. So the OP has a point. Once CS7 has been release one should not expect any further ACR updates for CS6.

Adobe changed their policy on this. What you say used to be true, but it is not true now.

ACR7 came with Photoshop CS6 and under traditional circumstances the road would end there. But Adobe made a statement that even though Photoshop CC is now out with ACR8, they will backport ACR8 for CS6 to allow CS6 to keep getting new camera support.

That does not make ACR8 for CS6 the same as ACR8 for CC because the new ACR8 features for CC are not in ACR8 for CS6. ACR8 for CS6 only gets bug fixes and new cameras. But at least it does that, because Adobe didn't do that before.

The question, at least for me, is what will happen when Adobe releases CS7. When that happens I expect that ACR updates for CS6 will cease. Since CS6 is relatively new and since CC is still CS6, in slightly different form, we really cannot tell what Adobe will do when there actually is a new release.

Perhaps you are right and Adobe will continue to issue new ACR updates for CS6 but, somehow, I doubt it.

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