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MikeFromMesa wrote:

dlevitt wrote:

Generally with a Mac, you just ignore whatever software is shipped with the drive, and use the Disk Utility to reformat it as HFS+ [the most popular Mac native file system].

NTFS [and it's predecessor HPFS] are Microsoft proprietary formats, and are not official document in any public source [unlike the myriad of formats that Mac OSX can treat as native formats - all of them are well specified, with open source implementations].

I don't have any Windows machines at home, so this is not an issue for me. If I need to share stuff between one of my computers and a Windows box I use one of several methods already discussed in this thread.

Apparently sharing from Windows to Mac is simple since the Mac can read NTFS. However sharing the other way seems more than difficult. If I want to write photos from the Mac to an external usb drive and have those available for Windows I will need to use FAT 32 or get some Windows drivers to read those files. Apparently Paragon sells drivers for both directions.

just network the two machines and be done with it. Reads and writes in both directions.

It sort of reminds me of all of the work we had when I was a software engineer writing interfaces between our proprietary systems and IBM machines.

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