suggest manual lens for milky way

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Re: Are you guys using GEMs for these shots to avoid "trailing"?

The rule for star trailing exposure length is 600/focal length gives max exposure in seconds before star trailing is objectionable.

Perhaps even 500/focal length. So that gives you around 35-45 seconds for a 14mm focal length (full frame equivalent).

As most cameras only allow a max of 30 second shots before you have to start mucking around with add-ons (why do they do that - they spend huge amounts to provide some obscure menu item and a basic function of the camera is overlooked for year and years) it tends to mean 30 seconds it tops.

So 30 seconds ISO3200 or 6400 at F2.8 if the lens can handle it (most can't) will give you a bright exposure. Long expsoure noise reduction on a lot of the time (unless its cold and it tends not to be needed then).

This image using a 16mm shows that lens is useful. Samyang 8mm F2.8 fisheye works well for this type of shot as well.

So you must have been using a longer focal length lens like a 50mm which will show star trailing after about 10 seconds of exposure.

Vixen Polarie is the most popular portable mount. Its tiny, its well made, it $400, its easy to use and it works well. It runs off batteries. It will hold above its rated capacity. It can handle a D800E and 14-24m lens which is heavy. Just make sure you have a pair of pliers to tighten up the tightening screws snug enough.

Orion ED 80 is a popular scope that is fantastic bang for your buck. Quite a high performer for a low price. Polarie would not handle that though. You'd need a GEM. Skyatcher EQ 6 is popular.


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