Photoshop CC cracked one day launch!

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Re: so, CC will increase piracy? Yes it will....

BuddyJPA wrote:

Bajerunner wrote:

So I will use it , quite happily, as long as I can. With the other image editors I have, it does all I need and more. I use a D300 and have no intention of upgrading camera, don't need to. If it goes bunk I''ll likely buy another used camera, and if I do upgrade to a camera not out yet (unlikely) I can use RAW Therapee or buy CNX2 for the new RAW conversion.

I believe that a lot of people are thinking the same way.

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I'm thinking RAW therapy may not support your new camera. Look what it did to this image from my g1 X:

Here's how it looks using Canon DPP which came free with my camera:

This is how RAW Therapy converted the image:

You can download for free, Adobe's Dng converter, which will always support the latest camera's. They are also updated regularly. Once converted to dng format, you can use it in older versions of photoshop, so that you do not have to upgrade your photoshop incessently.


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