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Re: Lots of nonsense here

Antone wrote:

Bobn2 wrote:

Neither Porsche nor Bentley is in business, they are both brands of Volkswagen AG. A rather unfortunate example on your part.


What is nonsense, that Porsche or Bentley are part of Volkswagen AG? I'm afraid that is simply verifiable.

If they weren't profitable then they'd be shut down.

Of course as part of Volkswagen AG they contribute to the bottom line, but they were unable to survive as independent companies. The reason they work with VW is that they piggy-back on VW R&D, VW manufacturing, VW marketing, VW design and so on. If they had to design, develop, manufacture and market cars independently neither brand could or did survive.

Do you really think Volkswagon would continue selling cars that lost money? There'd be a shareholder revolt if they did. You did take freshman economics in college, right?

Did you?

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