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Re: Lots of nonsense here

Hi Tom,

I can "assure" you that the digital camera is not a "hobby" for Sigma. If you have ever had the opportunity to personally listen to either Michihiro san or Kazuto Yamaki san speak about the Sigma camera business and their vision, you would realize that it is "anything but" a hobby.

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Tom Schum wrote:

I prefer to believe Sigma makes cameras as a hobby. I don't see it making any financial sense but I am glad they have this hobby.

As a "halo" product, I think cameras do increase Sigma's credibility as a lens maker, especially the DPxM series where the lenses are used to maximum advantage.

Sigma's hand might have been forced wth Foveon; use rights might have disappeared had Sigma not bought what was left of Foveon. Just a guess though.

Also, I don't see any clear reason why Sigma could not succeed with their cameras if they used Sony bayer sensors, but that's just me.

I think we can be glad somebody at Sigma likes Foveon.

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