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Re: Lots of nonsense here

Tom Schum wrote:

I prefer to believe Sigma makes cameras as a hobby. I don't see it making any financial sense but I am glad they have this hobby.

As a "halo" product, I think cameras do increase Sigma's credibility as a lens maker, especially the DPxM series where the lenses are used to maximum advantage.

Sigma's hand might have been forced wth Foveon; use rights might have disappeared had Sigma not bought what was left of Foveon. Just a guess though.

Also, I don't see any clear reason why Sigma could not succeed with their cameras if they used Sony bayer sensors, but that's just me.

I think we can be glad somebody at Sigma likes Foveon.

That is a very level headed post. I like Sigma as a company and the Foveon idea is very, very clever. It's just that it wasn't by any tenable argument a commercial success, and it's very difficult to make a convincing argument that Sigma makes any money on either the camera or sensor business, but as a private company it doesn't have to - all it has to do is satisfy the wants and needs of the Yamaki family - and presumably that's what they do. The lens business is very successful, so they can afford o carry businesses that are not profit making. If they were a public company the pressures would be somewhat different

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