Looking forward to the impact the android-camera from Samsung may have...

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It's not that easy

I don't know exactly what Samsung has done, but I'm working on Android apps right now, and I suspect that Samsung probably hasn't given access to the very low level/realtime basic camera functions like control of the display or EVF. (does it have one?) That would be a self contained app, not something that can be easily replaced, unless Samsung has provided API's into that app to modify behavior.

Processing images in realtime with very limited processing power and storage is a tricky art. I've done it on the raster image processor of a color laser printer, and the result was downright convoluted, to keep speed up to snuff. The code was very inline - so processing intensive that even adding a function call could slow it down, and there wasn't enough RAM to hold the entire image uncompressed in memory, so you had to work in bands - decompress a band, do your thing, then recompress it.

No buttons at all... not sure I like that. Especially in lower light, I work the OMD's buttons on feel as much as look. Small as they are, you can do it with practice. Personally, I'd prefer the E620's backlit buttons - not sure why Oly didn't extend that to other cameras. It worked very well in lower light.

Android on camera has some interesting possibilities: a time lapse app, remote operations, but other than control of the camera, there's nothing as regards images that can be done in an Android app in camera that can't be done better on a dedicated desktop with a powerful processor and bags of RAM.

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