Best affordable 20-28mm MF lens..

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Re: Best affordable 20-28mm MF lens..

Just pull the trigger on the Minolta 24mm 2.8 - you won't regret it!  Besides it's going for just $100-$200 and you mentioned a few hundred for your budget.

If you grab the straight "MD" with 49mm, it's small, has a non-turning front filter, and tends to be cheaper than the "Rokkor" versions - although it's pretty much the same thing in terms of optics - and contains that wonderful floating-element design that makes sharper closer-up images.  With your lens turbo - it's wide wide wide! Even without the lens turbo - it's a pretty useful 35mm equivalent.

I got mine for $100.

A few examples:

Nice bokeh for a medium-fast wide

Color me goodd!

Don't forget you could always get the 24mm Series 1 Vivitar 24/2 versions.  Although they are pretty much the same price as the Minolta 24/2.8.  Just imagine - a 24mm / 1.4'ness!   - I heard the Kiron version is better out of the two main ones (Kiron/Komine) over at  Not tried them myself.

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