suggest manual lens for milky way

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Re: Are you guys using GEMs for these shots to avoid "trailing"?

a simple single axis motorized mount .. trying to think of the name, but something like OM-1.. it comes in a tabletop and tripod. something less than $100

It's not very accurate, but will be much better than nothing.  The last time that I was out with a lens on the astro camera, I had the guider on my FSQ,  on a temma mount, so going several minutes was easy.

A single axis will track the rotation of the earth, and even with an eyeballed polar alignment, you should see a dramatic reduction in trailing, especially in such a wide field.  You'll need to refine as you go..  pretty much get the north star centered in your FOV.

The other thing that you can do, which is free, is shoot shorter subs, then stack them.  There is freeware out there, but I havent tried them, and I'm not sure if they handle our image sizes well..  Google image stacking if you're not familiar, but it also gives you a better signal to noise ratio over a single image.  You might also want to think about doing dark frame subtraction, but I think that the camera does this with the long exposure NR under settings.

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