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Laurence Matson
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Lots of nonsense here

Bobn2 wrote:

I doubt whether three layer technologies will ever get any traction.


For most purposes, Bayer is a perfectly acceptable design solution and given the accumulated investment that it gathers, it simply will continue to offer better price/performance than any emergent three layer technoloy.

To some extent, true

The problem is this: to succeed in the market and three layer has to offer clearly better pice/performance than Bayer at the first shot. That is what Foveon failed to do, which is why it didn't succeed.

This is not true at all, re. success.

Foveon has one huge advantage over any other proposed three layer technology, which is that it is basically compatible with existing CMOS fabrication processes.

Also not really true.

None of the other proposals is, so that they will require enormous R&D investment to get them anywhere close to commercial release.

And not just because of that. They are 15 years behind in solving the issues.

Sigma bought Foveon for a nominal sum.

Not true.

If any of the major players had wanted the technology, they could have easily outbid Sigma.

Not true

Simply, there is little to no commercial interest in Foveon technology and by implication other three layer technologies.

Not true

Writing a lot of fiction here, Bob. You might give us a cite or two to support these claims.

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