What is the best non-Adobe photo processing software for Apple?

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Re: Apple Boot Camp

DVT80111 wrote:

don't throw any rock please

but it works

For me the problem apparently is going to be how to mix both Mac and Windows photo editing software. I have some products that have Mac equivalents and I have gotten all of those that I have a Mac license for. That includes LightRoom 4, PhotoNinja, AfterShot Pro (bought a long time ago and not really used), Topaz photoFXlab and plugins and the Perfect Photo Suite.

However I also have PhotoShop CS5 and PaintShop Pro X5. I am not eligible for a Mac version of CS5 and Corel does not make a Mac version of PaintShop Pro.

My problem is going to be how to use all of these in combination. I can use LR or PhotoNinja in their Mac incarnations, but cannot access PhotoShop because that will be a Windows version. Similarly I could not access PaintShop Pro if I wanted to for the same reason. On the other hand I don't want to run all of these in Windows on a Mac. Seems pointless.

My initial plan was to use Parallels or VMware but I still can't call the Windows stuff from the Mac stuff. What a pain ...

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