Some simple Mac questions

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Re: Some simple Mac questions

webfrasse wrote:

Download it from It's faster than anything you proposed and there is nothing on the DVD that isn't available online. You license key will unlock the standard trial download or you can create an account on, register your software and download it there.

It isn't available on Adobe's web site since it is no longer a current product. I could download LR5, but not LR4.

As it turns out I was able to contact an Adobe customer service rep and get a link to the LR4 Mac download but, even though I have a valid PhotoShop CS5 license for Windows, they will not give me a link to the corresponding Mac product for download and, since I got theWIndows version via download originally, I have no Mac version to install. It means that I have to choose between upgrading to CS6 and getting the Mac version, buying Parallels/VMWare and a Windows installation disc and using the Windows version on the Mac or giving up PhotoShop completely. It is not a set of choices that makes me happy.

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