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Great Job!

I think Fuji got it right this time.  It successfully grabbed a niche market with X-Pro1 and X100, and now they are expanding and competing against cameras like NEX-5R.  With X-M1, it seems to me that it's got a similar line up to that of NEX, only with better sensors and MUCH better lenses.

I am getting one as soon as it is out to pair it with my XF 14 2.8.  The LCD screen works very well with a UWA and lack of EVF is a no-issue.  The IQ of the sensor is already great so no need to change.  AF speed isn't critical with UWAs, either.  I still retain aperture control and everything.  At $600 it seems like a perfect choice for me.

That said I am not expecting too much from the two new lenses.  The removal of the aperture rings seems to signifies a sacrifice of quality and ease of control over size.  They are probably targeted less serious photographers, even though I am sure that they will be much better than Sony's offers.

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