A REAL MAJOR PHOTOGRAPHIC REVOLUTION ! The perfect of color's restitution !

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Re: A REAL MAJOR PHOTOGRAPHIC REVOLUTION ! The perfect of color's restitution !

Well i'm very impressive about all of the differents reactions from my original topic "A real major photographic revolution", in first time "argentic" word came from the french original pro designation of the "old" world when we make pictures with negatives and slides, argentique is the description of the "argentic paper" when we used papers with "alogenure d'argent" on black and wite manuals laboratory's. Please be tolerating with my pooooor english spoken.. thank's !

it's real when you said that a foveon's sensor of 4.6 megapixels can't give the same result of a 15 mpix of bayer's pict, but visually you can print a A3 size picture with the same sensation of sharpness.. and it's only what every photographer want, isn't it ?

Well in fact one of my best friend lent me his SD1 for 3 month next year, and i was very impresssive about it, i have the SD15 and i use it since 2 years with some of the best of sigma's lens : 10-20 f3.5 EX, 30mm f1.4 EX, 85mm f1.4 EX, 105mm f2.8 macro EX, and 100-300mm f4 EX, flash sigma EF610 DG super, and i use only a Sekonic Digilite hand light sensor for an exact direct light mesure.. when i said you that i was an old photographer..hihi, i make picts since more than 30 years..

Next week one of my photographic partner lent me his Nikon D700 with his AF Nikkor 85mm f1.4, and i tested this camera (12Mpix with bayer sensor) and his lense at the same time with my SD15 (4.6 Mpix on final picture) with my sigma 85mm f1.4 EX, ont the same subjects... I was taking the light mesure with my Sekonic and shooting 4 subjects with the Nikon and the Sigma... The subject was the same, light too, light mesure and manual report too, and same treatment with Raw's files with Adobe Photoshop CS6.. Finaly i just resize the Nikon picture with the same size from the Sigma's original size (2640 x1760 pixels for each final image)::

It's very interesting to see them, cause you can see the real difference from the treatment of the micro-contrast with a bayer's sensor and foveon's sensor..

You can see the result on my Flick Galery here..


Click on on of the pictures to see it with  a good size on your screen, the 4 first images are the result of my test, all of other pictures came from my SD15... Just imagine that the SD15 have only a final picture with 4.6 MPixels (4 646 400 pixels), and the SD1 have the same quality  with a 15 Millions pixels  on final image.. I'm sorry but i can't give my result with my long test  with the SD1 cause i used it only for professional order, but it's easy to find exemples on the web..

If you want to see the original size of my test D700 vs SD15 send me a mail here :


Thank's !

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