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Re: Sigma clearly has enthralled you

mrkr wrote:

Keep going - you might eventually see the (uninterpolated) light.

Nokia has a cellphone with a 45 (or so) megapixel bayer sensor.  The D800 has a 36 megapixel bayer sensor.

Surely someone has thought about simply dropping the interpolation idea?  This would maybe require a firmware change, but the D800 would reconfigure to a 9 megapixel full-frame without interpolation, and this system would trounce the best of Sigma at high ISO.  People on this forum have been wanting a full frame system.

And the Nokia sensor without interpolation would become a non-interpolated solution with over 10 megapixels, maybe even equal to the Sigma Foveon at low ISO, quite a bit smaller, with better video.

To me, it seems that Bayer is catching up to the best of Foveon, mostly because of the much larger R&D budget.  My guess is that it will prevail in the long term because the filters can be optimized for their passbands, instead of less-than-optimum bulk silicon filtering in the Foveon that has to be mathematically processed to the n-th degree.

So far, my Sigmas deliver the clearest images compared to my Bayer cameras as we all know.

Looking back from some future time such as 2025, the non-interpolated image might be Sigma's biggest contribution to imaging.  Back in 2013, they led the world in this area.

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