Best time to shoot insects?

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Color could be a problem ...

but I suspect that would be species specific and I don't know them that well.  I do know that some deer and rabbits use a waving flash of their white tails as an alarm.

Eyesight also varies by species. For example, I am usually able to get very close to orbweaver spiders but the hunters like the lynx are a lot harder.

A lot of insects and other creatures are very attuned to our motion and the vibrations we send through the ground. The other day, I was quietly leaning over a boardwalk railing to wait out some of the mangrove and fiddler crabs that were in the muck beneath me. As long as I didn't move my feet they were quite happy to live out their lives below. Here is a shot from that.

But, quiet only lasts so long on a boardwalk that leads to a public fishing pier. A couple of folks came walking down the path and when they were still 10 to 15 feet away and out of sight from the crabs, they all disappeared into their holes.

Insects are similar. If you make sudden moves they move away. Obviously, aphids aren't going to move too fast but others will simply ignore you if you are still and a part of the scene when they arrive.

In general, calm, slow and smooth is good. If you are excited, it puts out scary vibes (pardon that one) and alters your movements.

And, a final note on bugs. On a photo club outing to a local park, a lady wanted to watch me shoot bugs so that she could try it. I was agreeable. As we all met in the parking lot of the park, she went to her car and offered insect repellent to anyone who wanted it. I laughed and told her she should probably stick to the birds and flowers if she had already applied it.

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