Time to buy a new machine for editing. Needing advice please.

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Re: Comparing the Retina and non-Retina MBPs

For photography, what would be the best?


How is the difference of the displays in regard to colour gamut, contrast and colour calibration ability?

Retina is IPS. Non-retina is TN. A very good TN, admittedly, but it's no IPS.

Is the retina miles ahead?


Also, for photoshop and lightroom, are these dual core cpu's enough or is it worth spending more for a 4 core 15 incher?

That's best answered by looking at some benchmark sites and deciding for yourself. The trade-off is size, money and processing power, and where you want to be no-one else can tell you.

But whatever you do, get the RAM maxed. That will make more difference than the CPU can ever make.


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