Looking forward to the impact the android-camera from Samsung may have...

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Re: Looking forward to the impact the android-camera from Samsung may have...

call me Skippy wrote:

I understand what you are saying - but it is besides the point I tried to make: For me the innovation here is not about having some "crazy apps" on the camera. I totally agree with you that my camera is supposed to take good pictures and it is not meant to be able to cook coffee or whatever.And of course, as I said: I wouldnt buy it right now - exactly for the reason you mention. I also want the physical controls and stuff.

The possible benefit for me is, that the android-concept might end a tendency to bring out new cameras with "new features" which basically the camera could have had before. You can get more out of the camera you have. For example: I love my OMD - beautiful machine. But - focus peaking aside - there are some quirks which would be easily fixable with a software update (which Olympus will NEVER deliver): Why the heck isnt there a quick access to meter-mode via dedicated button? I mean: Cmon, you can program many buttons with many functions but for some reason whatsoever, meter mode doesnt seem to be among them... Or the sometimes ridiculous menu-structure. What is up with that? Or think about the often critized large focus area - which is a very good example, because now Olympus is proudly announcing the smaller focus area on the new Pen as a "feature". Many quirks of the OMD would be easily fixable.

But right now the system is closed. You can hope that some enthusiastic code-warriors might crack the firmware and you might be able to use a third-party firmware on the long run - if you are lucky. With android this might get easier: think about the process of updating your firmware alone! No more: Dont touch it under any circumstances while it updates. No more: Darn, now it is a brick (or at least less chance of it happening)!

I suppose you could even use several apps in parallel. If the third-party app isnt your taste: Just dont use it. It is just an app - just use the "original" one.

You are right. But wondering industry players might have interest to open up their system as we want. Actually I am 100% supporting non-proprietary products after a very disappointed experience on selecting the Apple IIc as my first PC in the old days. Now I rather pick up parts and assemble one for myself......

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