LF1 Vs Other : LX7, S110, RX100

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Re: LF1 Vs Other : LX7, S110, RX100

morepix wrote:

tkpatric wrote:

Poor quality viewfinder isn't of much use: better than nothing, and you see numbers and the focus, all you need.

limited battery life: is normal, not too bad.

lens dips to f/5.9 at 200mm equivalent: for Gods sake, it is a LITTLE camera!!!

stubby lens control ring: is personal.

pricier than LX7: is normal, start-price.

images a little flat: can be set in camera, for me, looks very good. Ex.: Nikon colors looks better, but way of in white balance.

overexposure common in bright conditions: like all p&s camera's, dynamic range, can be set in camera;

no touchscreen: stupid, I hate touch screens.

"Better than nothing," "all you need," "is normal," "for me looks very good," "like all p&s cameras," "stupid, I hate touch screens."

... all personal preferences. Can we be confident that your preferences are right and theirs "stupid"? For that matter, are any preferences ever "right"?

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It is not all about preferences! Most things are the truth! (maybe with a grain of salt) Of course all can be better, but there are laws of physics and business. And I do tend to see things more positive, not about the review, but about the camera.

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