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Re: Seriously, again.

What is the wait between pressing the shutter and being able to review the shot?

On my DP1 classic it was over 7 seconds. And if you shot a buffer full (3 shots!), on my camera it was 22 secs after pressing the shutter before you could do anything meaningful other than admire the red light flashing.

I'm not the sort of person who could enjoy that.

The Merrills sound much improved but I doubt that you get an immediate review and that is what I require (and get from every other model of camera I've used).

For me, like every other Sigma effort I've tried (still have the SD14 and SD9), the cameras are intriguiing and tantalising but not well sorted enough that I'd want to use one every day. I think if Sigma could marry their lens expertise and the sensor to a camera that performed to industry standards they'd find it a great deal easier to market Foveon. As it is, you are not going to get mainstream attention because of silly flaws.

The cost also needs to be taken into accound. The DP Merrills retail at £800 in the UK, that's a similar price to A D60 + lens, A77 + lens, K5II + lens, D7000 + lens etc etc.

Even though you get a superb lens and the Merrill sensor, the rest of the package doesn't offer the same kind of value.

Everyone has their personal thresholds. For me, unless I had only one priority, image quality to rival a D800, it seems and expensive camera. At half the price it would come into my personal envelope of value for money, at £800, too expensive. I can spend that money on camera I know will be superb and solid, not a quirky, almost prototype like camera.

i expect things look different if you are wealthy or if you live in the US where the camera is massively cheaper...


Converted using XE.com, the US equivalent of the British price for the DP2m (the one I'd want) is $1234. That's seriously expensive when you consider that the 24MP D3200 is $492 and offers image resolution within 10% of the DPM....

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