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Re: No aperture ring on the pancake and the new zoom

eadrian75 wrote:

eadrian75 wrote:

This would be so disappointing. The beauty of the xe1 is the ability to quickly view and adjust your settings even before turning it on or waking it from sleep. While setting aperture via dial is easy, it still requires a peek at the screen. It would completely ruin the experience and charm of the system. If this is the future direction of x lenses then I'm seriously going to consider jumping ship - unless Fuji improves focus speed ten fold.

It's always funny here. I am sure their is no reason to be freightend. This camera targets a total different market than the Xp1 or XE1.

When I just look at my colleques and most of my friends or my wife, they are all not able to work with shutterspeeds, aperture control or EV-adjustments. Theirfore these dials are useless for them - a mode dial with nice pictogramms for Full-Auto, Candle-light, landscape, and these ominous P, A and S stuff is usefull for them or at least they can somehow interpret and us it.

And the XM-1 is made for these people. So control wise they did everything right here - from my point of view. That the pancake does not have an aperture ring is a bit of a pitty, but maybe it is just to small to do so.

I also agree that a bit more focus speed would be nice, but for me it is more essential to finally get that blo.dy auto-iso stuff right - as it is in the X100(s).

As I said, I am absolutely sure that Fuji will stay with the controll layout of the XP1 and XE1, everything else would be stupid.



I completely agree with everything you said, but one invests into a system because of the lenses. Bodies will come and go. If future direction is aperture control via consumer dumbed down dials then the next xe/p bodies are a fail from the start. Nothing satisfying about shutter speed dial, only to dive into the screen to change and check your aperture.

The aperture is not marked on the existing 18-55 or the 55-200 zoom lenses. One must look at the screen/VF to check and/or change aperture.

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