Should New Camera Be in Sealed Box?

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Guidenet wrote:

sjgcit wrote:

I wonder if another reason boxes are not sealed might be for customs and security inspections. These days some of the checking is extreme, so perhaps there's more going on that just the makers and sellers. Just speculating.

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Darn, Stephen. Good heads up. I'd have never thought of that, but it certainly could be true.

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Unlikely.   My sister works for Customs.   Cameras come in containers, not small numbers.   Customs does sample the contents of containers, but not most of them.  Most are not checked anywhere near as most people expect, at least not manually.   There are some sniffers and stuff.   There is really far too much stuff imported to make detailed inspections.   Plenty of electronics do have those little stickers sealing them up, if not cameras.   If the Customs folks want something sampled, they just get one and open it up and do whatever they need to do.   They don't worry about repackaging it or whether their inspection made it hard to sell.   If needs be they use a crowbar on it.  They can do whatever they need to do to ensure it's being imported legally.   Most often they are looking for pirated goods and improper country-of-origin markings.  Cameras don't generally have those problems.   As imports go, they're fairly straightforward, though country-of-origin could get messy.  Many things made in China get shipped through other places and falsely labelled to avoid limits.   I doubt that happens with cameras because they're made in big factories that are well publicized, but it happens with many other goods.   Clothing especially.   Don't think all those clothes made in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Africa really are.   There's a good chance they're from China.

I suspect the first answer was right.   The manufacturers know that dealers need to be able to take these out to display them or show them to customers.   Plenty of small camera stores don't keep multiples of the less popular models.

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