*** This week with your m43!!! ***

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*** This week with your m43!!! ***

The rules, as ever, are simple:

1. Pick out your most interesting for the week (or fake it a bit; the most interesting pic you’ve been doing something with this week).

2. Reply to the thread adding your own subject line.

3. Post your pic with some explanation about it.

4. Please indulge me about my hobby horse -- if you have scenery or something where location is a bit of a key, tell us where it is so we can all leap on our white chargers, race out there, and compete with you by taking pix of your favorite spot and probably trampling all over it!

In respect of that last, let me bore you with an old codger's story. Back in the 70s when I was first in Papua New Guinea, I used to do quite well photographing the place and selling the pix through an agent in Londinium (any other Asterix fans out here?).

Here in PNG I was pretty much a lone hand taking pix. I would get up at dawn, gallop (metaphorically) off to some interesting view point I had spotted, and bang away with the old Mamiya C3, C330, or later, Olympus OM1. Very often, I was theo nly person EVER (to that point) who had taken that particular picture. Even in the case of more ordinary stuff, in the local fresh food market, for instance, I was pretty much a lone hand.

Then in 1975 I visited England. Went down to Cornwall for a few days. Looked around with a bright and discerning eye. Ha! there was the prime spot to photograph this interesting fishing village scene from!

And it was too -- I shred that bright thought with about a bazillion other photographers! Even though it was early in the season, just about every prime spot I tried was already knee deep in discarded film boxes and wrappers!

It was quite a shock to the system to discover that my unique eye was only unique when there were no other photographers around!

Now -- stop prevaricating, admit the old codger has beaten you to it and is first in even though dressed in the photographic equivalent of rags this week, and show him up for the overblown fake he is!

Looking forward to seeing your pix!

Cheers, geoff

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