NX1000 - PASM dial acting up

Started Mar 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: NX1000 - PASM dial acting up

As silly as it may sound, and I have no reasonable or explicit explanation why, but try another sd card with the same lens over a prolonged period of time if you can. I am 'almost' convinced that my nx200 is picky with the selection of sd cards I have. Or maybe those problematic cards are borderline specification. I have like seven or eight Patriot 32GB class 10 micro sd cards (within an sd to micro sd adapter). And after like a year of use I have identified and marked the micro sd cards (two of them) that when used, will almost certainly cause my nx200 to behave in the above mentioned manner at some point during its use (it may take a day, it may take a week for it to happen but it will happen eventually). Other symptoms are camera locking up during continuous high or low shots (pull the battery out), locking up in 3 bracketed EV shots, locking up when in preview and edit mode of photos.

So in my isolated case, I have yet to experience this seemingly defective behaviour ever since I marked and stopped using the two cards in question.

And yes, an sd card thats borderline spec'ed may work ok but after a firmware upgrade to camera may choose to behave erratically because the newer (or older!) firmware may push the card to its limits.

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