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Re: X-M1

Beat Traveller wrote:

I'm curious as to where the rising interest for this particular style of camera is coming from. So many companies now are putting out relatively cheap interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras with no viewfinders but wifi, tilt screens and mode dials. Who's in the target market? Almost everyone I see walking around with a camera has either got a DSLR or a compact, and on the rare occasion that I see someone with a mirrorless, it's usually one of the high-end models like the OM-D.

But hey, if they're making them, someone must be buying them.

Working on a university campus, and perusing this past graduation event, it's the consumer who goes to the store to pick up an entry level DSLR for some type of event and walks out with a smaller camera that "does all that a DSLR does" and is smaller.

It's a good move. Nearly all brands have an entry level buy in. BMW and Mercedes included.

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