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MikeFromMesa wrote:

4) Is there any way to connect the PC and the Mac on my home network so that I could transfer files between them?

Macs and PCs both use standard TCP/IP so they can use the same cable/DSL modems, routers, switches, WiFi access points, etc. This is why it's possible for a library or coffee shop to set up a single router and not care what machines show up, they will all work. Macs, PCs, smartphones, tablets, game consoles...anything that uses standard TCP/IP networking can connect to a generic router and talk to any other machine on the network regardless of its platform.

TSome devices may only support certain platforms for setup and management.

For instance, the new AirPort Time Capsule (the one that looks like a airport control tower) can only be set up from a Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.  But both Macs and PCs can use it to wirelessly connect to a network or USB printer.

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