Looking forward to the impact the android-camera from Samsung may have...

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Re: Looking forward to the impact the android-camera from Samsung may have...

call me Skippy wrote:

I was just glancing through the hands-on of dpreview: sure, I would never buy it at this stage, because of lack of control buttons and stuff. But, I really hope, Samsung thinks this through to the end and delivers a NX with android which is "a bit more camera". I dont mind using the camera to navigate or recieve e-mail - I have a phone for that- but in the future it might set a new standard for firmware and force other manufacturers to open their software. For example: Focus peaking is purely a software-thingie, if I understand correctly. I have to admit: I miss it on my OMD. Olympus will NEVER put it in a firmware-upgrade. And why should they: Better to keep it as a selling point for future cameras. So: the motivation grows to buy a new one. Which is quite annoying and makes me feel like a victim of marketing mechanisms. But with android I guess it would only be a matter of time, till someboy develops an app for it. Software-wise, the sky might be the limit in the future and your camera may gain new photography-related abilities during its lifetime. Like a smartphone, which really benefits from every android-upgrade.

The whole android-concept might have quite far-reaching consequences...I have to admit: If all goes well with this new concept, I might even be tempted to switch systems or let MFT fade out... The whole idea just seems so "consumer-friendly". I even would go so far as to call it a "game-changer" - IF Samsung sticks with it and really thinks it through...

Any thoughts?

Have watched the video on FT rumor site demonstrating its operation. Not impress at all and IMHO, I couldn't even know how to frame, adjust exposure etc etc as normally do on a camera. Its just a direct copy cat from a tablet/iphone. It may only be able to take picture on very still object!

Open system is always good. But have we really ask ourselves what is the practical use of a open source camera. Are we talking about the benefit like a film slr (can use any film to shoot)?

Camera is to take picture. Taking a picture just need a photographer's eye to compose and frame (good or not), set the desired A & S with the help of ISO for lighting control to obtain a final result as we like. What else? What is the use of using Android in a camera? Add picture frame? Apps for special effect? Add Dof? Add a Micky mouse? IMHO all these canned result are going the wrong way. Yes, it help to promote photography among beginners, but not guiding people to learn. Soon or later people would no longer know how to shoot without IBIS/OIS, without auto ISO, without AF, without in-camera guide for the setting, without touch screen, without ........

Focus peaking is a nice feature, but back in the old film day before AF, and now there are still many good fellow members here enjoying legacy lenses without it. May be back to the basic would be better for our self improvement.

Samsung is just simply try to fight a way to survive as its first generation DSLR camera died with Pentax's failure and now its mirrorless is also going nowhere in this market. IMHO can't see much future of it.

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