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Re: OVF vs EVF

Its obviously a hot topic. I am coming from a very nice apsc prism on a k5. I have used an EVF a few times though, speciifically sonys 2.4mil dot in the a65. For rappid unpredictable movement the evf can be difficult. For all other things it is better. Peaking in the VF (as well as other digital info), fairly accurate real time exposure preview, and high gain vision in low light. Ive always been a purist so im partial to the realness of an OVF, but i cannot ignore the advandage of digital.

So much so that i am planning my system around it. The doors opened for manual lenses is amazing. Pros managed to shoot action decades ago with manual lenses, would they have made good use of peaking? If we could have both then yea that would be perfect. If i had to choose one or the other, EVF for sure. In time the lag will be so small as to be unnoticeable. I personally believe all but the fastest action can be shot with some practice. MF saves batteries and avoids AF mistakes. But again, maybe thats the purist in me.

Verdict: both have advantages but if i had to average them out i woud go with EVF for sure.

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