What is the best non-Adobe photo processing software for Apple?

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Re: What is the best non-Adobe photo processing software for Apple?

Marvin Doering wrote:

My fear is that Adobe will stop supporting RAW updates for new camera for CS6. Even now they don't go back more than one program for such updates. I buy a lot of new cameras and am always looking for the RAW updates. Why can't the manufacturers agree on a RAW format and be done with it, and why does every new camera within a brand have to have a different format?

Adobe will probably stop updating CS6 for new cameras eventually, but for CS6 they go farther than they have before. Camera Raw 8.1 is out and supports new cameras for CS6. In the past they would have stopped at ACR 7, the one that came with CS6.

The manufacturers are free to agree to use the DNG raw format. Some already do, like Pentax and Leica and Samsung in some models. But some manufacturers are not motivated to. For example, Nikon sells Nikon Capture, their own raw software. If they go non-proprietary then there's less need to buy Nikon's own software.

What happens with every new camera is that the sensor design is updated, so the raw data it puts out is not quite the same as a previous camera. Because remember, raw is not a format at all, it's literally the raw data. That changes due to normal improvements in the hardware, so software needs to be updated. DNG is a format, a way to package the raw data in a common way.

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