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Re: NTFS with Macs

noirdesir wrote:

There are two main alternatives for NTFS 'drivers' on the Mac, a commercial one from Paragon, and an open source one (and based on the open source version an enhanced commercial one from Tuxera).

I found these when I did a Google search but, since I know next to nothing about the Mac, I don't know if any of these are better than the others.

Is there any reason to use the commercial ones (that cost money) over the share ware version (which I assume is free)? Or any reason to use the $20 commercial one rather than the $15 one? Without any experience using them I have no idea if one is better than another.

I have the same sort of problem when I look at Mac software. I know Lightroom and Photoshop so I know what to expect for the cost. But I have no idea how good a tool Pixelmator is and, when I consider the low cost, I wonder how good it can be. Of course there is a trial and I will find out and, I suppose, that will be part of the fun of learning a new system - learning the new software.

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