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Re: Some in the industry are indeed delusional

Richard Franiec wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:

SigmaChrome wrote:

Sigma is a major innovator in the industry and has been for a very long time. Now who was it that invented the teleconverter, the first wide angle zoom lens, the first APS-C compact camera?

Yes, Sigma could introduce some important improvements to their DPM series cameras -- like OS and a really excellent rangefinder-type OVF -- and I would be over the Moon. However, these are expensive developments and not likely to become a reality for a couple of years. What's important right now is that Sigma is now getting quite a bit of serious recognition from well respected reviewers and professional photographers -- and that can't be bad.

The Leica Choirboys: X1 introduction at Paris

This was taken at the announcement of the Leica X1 in Paris. The Leica guy kept going on about how great it was and that it was the first of its kind. The guy on the left with the glasses asked me after I took this ISO 800 shot: "Qu'est que ça?" I could only reply, "L'original."

A huge mistake, Laurence. As an educator and proponent of the Truth, I don't know how you could live with yourself saying that.

Why do you say that Richard - The DP1 S was announced in 2006 long before the Leica X1. It was "delivered" in the spring of 2008 preceding the Leica X1

Link - Wikipedia Citation

In fact the DP1S was released before the Leica X-1 was "announced" - so why revisionist history??

Leica X-1 Announcement Link

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Of course, manufacturer's have to market their products as best they can. However, it would serve the industry well if so-called neutral sites would give credit where it is due. And, for the first pocketable camera with a large sensor, that goes to Sigma.

Neutral sites? Most likely not possible. The predominant trends will always win the coverage.

I think that most respected sites gave deserved credit to Sigma, especially with latest developments (DPM series, art series lenses). And I agree that coverage of original DP and SD cameras were neglected from the start. DP1 was the breakthrough in the way of first large sensor compact and history should never forget that.

Marketing of Sigma cameras was not really brilliant maybe even shy as long as I remember. The DPM series, especially, deserves much better exposure in marketplace. But this is the responsibility of manufacturer, not a handful of enthusiasts on photo forums, I think.

Few people understand how difficult it was to make the DP1 from scratch. Some day, I hope someone will tell the tale.

Some day, I'm sure, someone will tell the tale. I think that you are uniquely qualified (with the help of a very few others) to do so.



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