Some simple Mac questions

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Re: Some simple Mac questions

Najinsky wrote:

A friend wanted a folder of photos sent to his PC, here's all I had to do:

1) Joined the same wifi network.

2) On the PC, right-clicked a folder in Explorer and chose 'Properties', then selected the sharing tab.

3) Checked the box to enable sharing and then ignored or answered about a dozen warnings about the dangers of sharing.

4) On the Mac, opened finder, my friends PC was shown in the network sidebar. Selected it and clicked connect.

5) Got him to type in his user name and password and his share was now accessible in my finder.

6) Copied the folder of photos from the Mac to his share. Obviously for you, it will be copying from the share to your Mac.

7) Back on the PC in Explorer, disabled sharing.

Thank you for this. It appears to be simple enough. Perhaps even I can do it.

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