What is the best non-Adobe photo processing software for Apple?

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Re: What is the best non-Adobe photo processing software for Apple?

Marvin Doering wrote:

My fear is that Adobe will stop supporting RAW updates for new camera for CS6. Even now they don't go back more than one program for such updates. I buy a lot of new cameras and am always looking for the RAW updates. Why can't the manufacturers agree on a RAW format and be done with it, and why does every new camera within a brand have to have a different format?

Even if a new camera uses a standard raw format (ie, DNG), you'd normally still want your raw converter to profile that camera, extracting all the parameter it needs for an optimal use of its internal algorithms. See, the Ricoh GR review on this site. To become fully independent from raw support updates, the manufacturers would also have to agree on a sensor (including read-out electronics) or publish the characteristics of their sensors in exhausting detail (and even then, you probably cannot optimise a raw converter for sensor characteristics that don't exit yet unless you wanted to do this for all theoretically possible sensors).

What might come is that sensors and raw converters get so good that a detailed optimisation isn't really necessary anymore.

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