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NTFS with Macs

MikeFromMesa wrote:

Tom_N wrote:

There are third-party NTFS drivers (for Mac OS X) and third-party HFS+ drivers (for Windows) that you can get to overcome the native limitations.

Based on your response I looked on the web for ntfs to mac drivers and found, much to my surprise, free drivers from some of the disc manufacturers. I say much to my surprise because I was surprised that I had not though of looking for such drivers before I asked the question. I also found several general purpose drivers that should work for relatively low cost.

I do wonder if the drivers from companies like Seagate will work on Western Digital drives as well.

There are two main alternatives for NTFS 'drivers' on the Mac, a commercial one from Paragon, and an open source one (and based on the open source version an enhanced commercial one from Tuxera).

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